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As per the guideline, the service interval for Mercedes will be 15,000 km or once in a year. You can service your car depending on which one comes first. The workshop of Mercedes includes “A” or “B” car service with manufacturer guidelines. Only parts which are already scheduled for replacement will only be replaced.

Services Provided by Mercedes:


Service “A”:

The A type of Mercedes service involves,

  • Vehicle reception protocol. High-quality service professionals also change oil and oil filters. Apart from this, they often add fuel additive and do the air filter replacement.
  • Cleaning the Ac system and replacing the Ac system combinational filter. They also check the brake fluid level and testing the brakes. Moreover, high-quality Mercedes services also clean the water deflector in the engine compartments and also add the screen wash additive to enhance the efficiency of your vehicle.
  • Check the lamps in the instrumental cluster and interior illumination as well as the trunk illumination function.
  • Clean as well as lubricating the roof opening systems.
  • Checks the tire inflation pressure and correct it.
  • Check the expiration date of the Tire fit tire repair kit and the first aid kit.

Service “B”:

The B type Mercedes service involves all the items of the A-type and it also includes the following,

  • Checks the exterior lights which are very useful for proper operation.
  • Also checks whether the headlamp range adjustments are working properly. If it doesn’t work properly it corrects the headlamp adjustments.
  • Check the operations of the windshield wipers, washer as well as headlamp cleaning systems.
  • Inspect all parts of the vehicle which is underside, front axle joint, and rubber boots.
  • Check track rod, and drags link leakage. It also checks propeller shaft flex disks and tires for damage and cracks formations.
  • Checks chassis panels and body panels and also decide whether it is capable of bearing the load.

Benefits of The Mercedes Service:


Expert and Timely Services Done by Professionals:

It includes employees who are highly trained and qualified and so they provide authorized service.

Car Service Convenience: They have a wide range of options that fit your needs and the service will be made as soon as possible. You can leave your car for the service and wait in the lounge till the service is completed.

Transparent Pricing: The invoice will be given to the customers and it gives a clear overview of what you are paying for. The invoice will be available for every service.

Pre-Service Check: Either you drop the car or collected by Mercedes and they offer a pre-service check to know about the problem occur in the vehicle.

Vehicle Health Check: After every check, they used to carry your vehicle to check whether your vehicle is fit for the road.

Mercedes Genuine Parts: They always have high-quality spare parts in order to offer safety and durability.

Mercedes Service Record: The services offered by the Mercedes will be outstanding as well as transparent. Also, each customer will be informed about the services offered by them. By maintaining the record, they help to improve the value of your car.

The services offered by the Mercedes also includes service A or service B maintenance, tire rotations, brake repairs, Hose or line replacement, multipoint inspections and weird car noise diagnoses. You can also submit an online form to get a service to your vehicle. Service A and B include components which are factory required. For the complete details of the factory required Mercedes services, you may refer the maintenance booklet.

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