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The holidays and fall bring you the sheer driving pleasure of going to a football match with 100,000 other visitors and your camping trip might need more of some power to turn on essential devices. The car might get tanned like a brad in the oven and you might burn all your precious in car accessories under the sun. When you are out on a trip, your car is the one that protects you from all the evil outside and if you cannot get the right directions to your destination or if you at least can’t get a parking spot, it’s really humiliating for the vehicle.

Classic Charger

This is not an anomaly, but the exact opposite that almost every time you forgot your charger at home, you have repented. Flux Capacitor iPhone Charger is a classy device that can charge multiple tablets at the same time. It is a USB charger that can plug into your car and provide 2.1 A of current for charging devices quickly and steadily. There are no safety issues with this device as well. There are even other battery packs that can keep 10,00 mA of juice to even let jumper cables to power inverters at your camping trip.

  • It can be used to run your laptop for an hour in case of emergency and can charge your smartphone for five to six full cycles.

Waze & Shade

This is an in-car and in-smartphone accessory that helps you take the safest and least traffic routes to your destination. It gets real-time updates regarding any and every disruption that might have occurred in some part of the town and if any road is affected by it. Then, it updates the next best possible route your destination. The next thing would be to keep your car and its interior safe from the scorching sun. The sunlight can do immense damage to the car, its paint just like your skin. It also needs a sunshade.

  • The Millenium Falcon Sunshade makes it look very decent than a cheap foil cover that makes your car stand out of the crowd in an infamous way.

Smartphone Case

The Logitech Case iPhone Case is an all-rounder with a reserve battery capacity, a leather pouch for holding cards and cash and also can be used as a windshield mount for easier navigation. It also has a stand for watching videos and takes care that you don’t need to ever carry a wallet without adding too much weight to your phone.

  • The essence is that is lightweight and is a multipurpose product that deserves a place in your car all the time.

There are applications that can help you with a lot of these tasks right away. The proper set of gadgets on your smartphone will ensure that you can beat the parking ticket, find the right spot for your parking without having to climb seven stores in a mall only to find out that there’s no parking at all.

COOL People Love to Share:

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