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Drive and Stay Connected – Car Cradle

Being a motorist its natural to look for safe ways to receive and make calls conveniently while you are behind the wheel. Cradles for cars have made this distant dream come true. Not only can you talk while you drive but your mobile phone has better network coverage and its battery is always charged up for continuous usage.

Car cradles have smart technology that is built straight into the unit. It boosts the signal and charges your phone. Today, cradles are not mere suction cups incorporated in plastic holders but something smarter. These can hold all kinds of phones. Some of them have been customized to hold mobiles as per personal preferences.

Car Cradle GripGo with Waze on HTC Sensation

Car Cradle in my GT Street Toyota Vios

The Car Cradle Advantage

These come with a hands-free car kit. Some of them can be connected to the car, DC power outlet. They may include an FM transmitter so that you can tune into the stereo of your car so that you can listen to music from your phone. It can also include a USB port to charge a second device. These can work as stand-alone cradle or with a Bluetooth car kit.

Iphone car accessories include iPhone car cradles. These enable you to rotate your phone on its side. Now navigate effectively by holding the phone at an eye-level. The suction cup connects to your windscreen easily. You can clip the mount to an air vent as well. Universal cradles hold any phone like a Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung or iPhone and hence are better preferred in case of multiple drivers for the same vehicle.

The Cradle Luxury

You can even connect your phone with the car DC outlet or car stereo to play music on your phone thanks to the gap at the bottom. Some cradles come with an acoustic chamber that can amplify the phone, built-in speaker. This does not even need power separately.

Remember to opt for a cradle with a slim design so that it beautifully blends with the dashboard/console of your car. When it is installed into the vehicle the power cord gets connected with the vehicle fuse panel or the vehicle accessory cable. The specially-engineered technology boosts the mobile reception. They may offer Auto Muting and Audio Integration.

Car cradles are a popular option since they provide great reception amongst other benefits. They have external antenna connections. Some of them offer; one-click & insertion and easy pairing with a new Bluetooth main unit. These are safe and reliable to use in cars for better reception.

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