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Do You Really Need A Strut Bar?

I’ve seen a lot people installing strut bar from after-market to their beloved vehicle. Indeed strut bar do really helps on the vehicle’s handling and reduce body rolling, but do normal daily drivers like us or me really need the bar? Let see how strut bar works.

A strut bar is a bar that connects both strut towers or MacPherson struts on unibody/monocoque chassis make the strut towers as one tower on the vehicle’s front suspension. The “combined” suspension provide the extra stiffness and more rigid handling system. Whenever vehicle is cornering, the direction of the vehicle cornering will compress much more than the other side. Strut bar helps to hold both left and right suspension together, thus prevent either of the side compress unevenly.

Other than ensure the suspension compress together, strut bar helps to reduce body roll too. During hard cornering, our vehicle’s camber change according to the force exerted onto suspension  and the chassis of the vehicle. The coil springs on the suspension compress relative to the chassis. This will cause the body of the vehicle roll in the opposite direction of we cornering. Strut bar helps by minimizing the camber changes that cause the body roll due to both side of chassis are combined.

Strut bar give better gripping to the vehicle during hard cornering. Now both strut towers,  are combined which resulted the suspension are compressing at equal rate while cornering, wheel spin on the drive wheels is dramatically reduced. This provide motive grip to the vehicle.

Strut Bar

Strut Bar

Strut bar has NO EFFECT on drag driving, soft corner, urban area driving. Strut bar also won’t give you better stability while you crushing at high speed on highway.  Unless you are the person who perform on drifting show or a circuit racer, else the strut bar would be waste to install on your vehicle.

Overall, strut bar provide great stability, reduce body roll and give better gripping to the vehicle ONLY during hard cornering.

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