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DIY: Car Body Kits Installation –  Toyota Vios 2010 Rear Skirt

This section I am going to show you how to install car body kits on your own to your car. We used to get our car body kits installed by Automotive Accessories shop, which is quite expensive and sometimes the workmanship is  very poor. I’ve seen many poor workmanship by the accessories shop workers, and I decided to do it myself. Not only that, we save our penny on those installation fees as well and do it yourself (DIY) give us satisfaction and sense of accomplishment. That why I’ve done a lot of DIY installation especially on my ride, GT Street Toyota Vios.

Checkout the video of self installation at here: Step by step installation of rear skirting on Toyota Vios or scroll down

What we need for car body kits installation is:

  1. – 3M double sided tapes or acrylic double sided tapes
  2. – adhesive enhancer (to enhance bonding between the tape and the car body with the body kits)
  3. – Power drill
  4. – screws
  5. – A can of 100 plus (for yourself to stay hydrated)

Step 1: Ensure the car body and the skirting is clean and free from grease

Step 2: Apply the adhesive enhancer on the car body kits and car body.
**Only apply the compartment where there is double sided tape contact, because this adhesive enhance will make the surface become rough.

Adhesive Enhancer on car body kits

Adhesive Enhancer on car body kits

Adhesive Enhancer on car body

Adhesive Enhancer on car body

Step 3: Apply 3M double sided tape or acrylic double sided tape on the car body kits where we have applied the adhesive enhancer on it.

Acrylic double sided tape on car body kits

Acrylic double sided tape on car body kits

Acrylic double sided tape on car body kits

Acrylic double sided tape on car body kits

Step 4: Now let’s affix the body kits on the car.


Toyota Vios GT Street, rear skirting installation completed! The car body kits successfully installed on the car body.

Toyota Vios GT Street Rear View

Toyota Vios GT Street Rear View

The car’s outlook is cooler and sportier! Don’t you think so?


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7 thoughts on “DIY: Car Body Kits Installation – Toyota Vios 2010 Rear Skirt (with Video)”

  1. Charmaine Chee says:

    I installed Body kits that comes with double sided tapes already in position.
    The way we install rear lip.
    Jack up the car and remove both rear tyres.
    Place rear lip on car to take correct position. Use measuring tape to check left and right side's height if necessary. Mark it with white board marker pen.
    Take rear lip off car and place it on the newspaper lined/ bubble wraps that rear lip comes in on the floor
    Remove 3" of red film liner from each end of rear lip. Apply glue enhancer below marker pen line with a paint brush.
    Position rear lip on car, following the marker pen line as guide.
    Pull the dangling 3" red film liner to remove the whole piece of red film liner.
    Deliver little punches on rear lip to ensure double side tape is sticking well.
    Drill 2 holes on each side. Lock in the screws.

    By pulling out only 3" of red film liner off the double sided tape, rear lip is still adjustable and can be positioned correctly without having the double sided tape sticking to car bumper.
    Rear tyres removed to enable proper and straight holes drilling and to lock in screw straight since tyres will get in the way.
    Best to have 3 person for installation. One on each side to support rear lip into correct position and one person in the middle.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Charmaine,
      thanks for drop by and share to us the body kit installation.

      You are awesome lady! We hardly seen lady that is so into the car, you are one of the awesome. In fact, I’ve a lot of stuffs to learn from you especially on the auto detailing.

      I hope to see you around again soon.
      Thanks Charmaine.

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  3. Bernardi says:

    okay Kelvin,thanks for your answer.Really appreciate it.

  4. Bernardi says:

    hello bro, i want to ask how did you install the trunk spoiler?did you screw it or just using 3M double sided tapes?i have a plan to install the trd bodykits + trunk spoiler on my vios.but i confuse how to install the trunk spoiler.

    1. Kelvin says:

      Hi Bernadi,
      thanks for drop by.
      I let the car accessories shop to install the spoiler. The spoiler was installed using screws and 4 holes have to be drilled on my trunk. Lastly, the put 3M tapes around the gap between the spoiler and trunk to prevent water from sip in.

      Good luck on your body kit installation. Let me know if anything else I can help you 🙂

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