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Cobra/META Alarm System Installation on Toyota Vios

Careless attitude from me caused two of my Cobra/META alarm system remote controls spoiled after driving my Toyota Vios for 3 years. I’d called the Toyota Service Center for the replacement of the remote controls, unfortunately the whole alarm system has to be replaced due the remote control cannot be duplicated when there is none of the functioning remote control is available.

The Cobra alarm system can only duplicate the other remote control when there is at least one function remote control is set to command the alarm system into link/sync mode. The whole set of alarm system (the system module with 2 remote controls) cost about RM1,230 by Toyota Service Center.

The price is not within my budget and I decided to survey the aftermarket parts. Auto accessories shops sell a lot of alarm systems with less than RM500, but the safety of those system seem not as good as compared to original Toyota Vios Cobra alarm system. Some more there is rewiring required which might caused some reliability issues to the car.

Then, I found a shop that specializes in fixing remote control and key duplication.

They have the original Cobra/META alarm system and sell to me at RM750! I got no idea where they get those system at that price but it since it cheaper almost by half of the Toyota Service Center price, then I decided to go forΒ it πŸ™‚

Cobra/META alarm central unit with remote controls

Cobra/META alarm central unit with remote controls

Fast installation from those guys! They just replaced the circuitry board from the alarm central unit module that located at the bottom side of the steering rack.

Cobra/META module circuitry board

Cobra/META module circuitry board

Cobra/META module installation in Toyota Vios

Cobra/META module installation in Toyota Vios

Then they disconnect the car battery for 5 minutes, this action is to let the alarm system to be reset.

The new Cobra/Meta alarm system work like my usual alarm system again πŸ™‚

Another RM750 spent because of my careless mistake. Let’s learn the lesson together and avoid such careless mistake again.

The shop name :)

The shop name πŸ™‚

Now I have the excess remote system module from my Toyota Vios with me, I am selling it out cheap. Whoever of you guys who want to buy the alarm module may contact me.

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6 thoughts on “Cobra/META Alarm System Installation on Toyota Vios”

  1. Manlee says:

    Any contact in petaling jaya/kl area?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Manlee,
      I am sorry, I don’t have contact in KL area…

  2. Gain Ooi says:

    I need it !! please let me know the cheapest price. Serious buyer or drop me a SMS 0149308864

  3. Lim says:

    Mind to share Where they located ?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      The shop located somewhere around at the Taman Pekaka. I will get you the address by tomorrow πŸ™‚

    2. Kelvin Ang says:

      I has attached the name card of the lock service guy.
      Tell them you found the their shop from this blog, they will give you very good discount πŸ˜€

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