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What is the easiest way to impress a woman on the first date? In most cases, you just need to take her to an expensive restaurant, and the trick is done. But the most proven option is to take your beauty for a ride in a luxury car.

About a third of motorists believe that the best way to win a woman’s heart is to show up to the first date in the car of the premium brand. Experts from the European car rental companies say that the most popular option is a Mercedes-Benz.

There are a lot of women, who love luxury cars, around the globe. Therefore, if you don’t plan to start the long-term relationships with the girl, just rent a sports car or coupe. Experience shows that guys, who own station wagons, often push women away. They find such men too practical.

Many ladies admit that the best way to make a vivid impression on the first date is to rent a limousine. Try it, and be sure: after a trip in such a car, the girl will automatically fall in love with you.

The car’s brand is mostly important for girls aged from 25 to 34. But they also pay attention to your smile. So a luxury auto is not all you need to make a positive first impression. A beautiful smile and a nice car will guarantee that your new girlfriend will agree to go on a second date with you.

Several years ago, one of the American automotive Internet portals named a few car brands that are less likely to impress the girl on the first date. These are Smart Fortwo, Nissan Cube and, oddly enough, Hummer H2. If you own one of them, you should leave it in the garage. You don’t want to push your new girlfriend away, right?

What cars do women love most?

Men often wonder, what kind of cars girls like most. Survey results may seem weird to you, but we’re talking about girls here. Almost all survey participants judge cars mostly by their looks, and none of them mentioned specifications.

Among the most popular car brands were Lexus, Audi, Mazda, Nissan, and Volkswagen. Only 30% of women prefer large SUVs. In their opinion, these autos look impressive and are best suitable for men. At the same time, about 20% of women expressed the opposite opinion, and believe that all large cars are too aggressive. In particular, these participants reacted negatively to Hummer brand. Almost half of the surveyed girls like all kinds of sports cars. Russian and Ukrainian ladies love them more because such autos are rare in their country and are considered exotic. So if you happen to own a Chevrolet Corvette or a BMW Z4, then you already to know how to treat Ukrainian girls. Approximately one-third of women do not mind the classic old cars.

The vast majority of girls pay more attention to the color of the car. Their favorite car colors are mostly white, red and black. And less popular were silver, gold and pastel colors. For 20% of women, color does not matter at all.

A lot of girls want to see their boyfriends’ vehicles nicely tuned and with a beautiful airbrushing. The car should emphasize the individuality of its owner and always remain clean and well maintained, regardless of the model, cost, and manufacturer. Most of the ladies stressed that they find tuning, which costs more than the car itself, annoying and tasteless. Therefore, these women hate neon lights and spoilers on cheap and old cars. The interior must be clean and cozy, without too many accessories; a couple of small toys would be enough. Thus, we can derive a formula for universal “first date vehicle.” It should be a black or red sports car with a comfortable and clean interior and a nice airbrushing.

Remember that the best accessory for the expensive car is a beautiful woman. And try to avoid loud music.

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