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AGUARD Car Window Tint Film in Penang

Two weeks back, my friend decided to bring her brand new Ford Focus Titanium 2.0L to install window tints film on the car, and she asked me to tag along with her.

She has chosen Advanced Solar Tint Specialist, Jalan Perak, 11600 Georgetown, Penang for to install the car window tints because of the good reputation and great services that her dad had experienced for the other car.

AGUARD Advanced Solar Tint Specialist Shop in Jalan Perak, Penang

AGUARD Advanced Solar Tint Specialist Shop in Jalan Perak, Penang

Few years back, the shop was the sole distributor of car window film of  AIRCOOL brand,  but then the AIRCOOL Company had spun-off into 2 companies which are AGUARD and AIRCOOL due to divorce of the owners.

Both AGUARD and AIRCOOL are from local brand, Malaysia but the tints are produce in the United States.

Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 in Car Window Tints Process

Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 in Car Window Tints Process

In the shop, the boss was friendly and he know well about window tint film in the market.

All the tint films sold in the shop comes with 5 years warranty and are compliant with JPJ rules and regulations. If in any event, if JPJ enforcement should require the car owners to remove their tints due to some reasons, AGUARD will compensate a new tint films with free installation.

The boss even shared with me how the JPJ officers in Malaysia exam the cars’ tints that are considered to be violating the law. One of the sharing by him is, the darker or black coloured seats cars are more prone to be picked by JPJ officers compared to light or beige color seats cars.

JPJ officers make judge by determining the percentage of the transmitted light to through our car windows and windscreen.

At least 70% of light transmission is required for the front windscreen and 55% of light transmission is required for the side and back windscreens.

Darker color seats causes the interior look darker, giving the impression of a darker tint as light is absorbed by the dark color, compared to lighter color that reflects light, making the interior appear much brighter.

That’s why the JPJ officers are more likely to pick on vehicles with dark color seats.

Higher or taller cars like SUV are less likely to be targeted by JPJ officers. The interior of higher cars look brighter when seen from a lower angle as the officers would be looking through the windows from down side.

Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 in Car Window Tinting Process

Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 in Car Window Tinting Process

In developed countries such as the United States, the enforcement officers are using device to detect the light transmission of the users’ car window tint.

If the users’ car window tint fails to meet the specified light transmission percentage, then the users have to face the law enforcement.

Sign of Don't Switch On the Demister for 2 Week After Tint in Ford Focus Titanium 2.0

Sign of Don’t Switch On the Demister for 2 Week After Tint in Ford Focus Titanium 2.0

Let’s back to the story, the package that my friend chosen is the Ultimate Tint for front windscreen and Elite tints for the side car windows. The package price cost her RM1,300 with 10% discount. The package gave her free floor mates as well.

The whole installation process of the tints and floor mates on the Ford Focus Titanium 2.0 took the staffs more than 2 hours, that is slightly longer duration compared to other car’s installation time. They required more time due to Ford Focus has a curvy front windscreen compared to other cars.

There was a Perodua Myvi 1.3 which came after us, but it only took them less than half an hour to complete the whole installation process. The boss told me most of the cars only need around half and hour to complete the whole tinting process except certain cars that have the curvy and weird windscreen shape.

AGARD Advanced Solar Tint Specialist Card

AGARD Advanced Solar Tint Specialist Card

After the completed the tint film installation, the boss advised us to park the car at open area for 3 days to ensure the tints are 100% dry. The tints may initially looks darker, but after the tints completely dry out then it will look less dark.

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11 thoughts on “AGUARD Car Window Tint Film in Penang”

  1. LWS says:

    My car was tinted with agard Hybrid 70, 8 mil and metal gray 30 and was blocked by traffic police today. Anyhow he just warned me for the dark tinted windows and did not issue summon. May I know my tinted films are JpJ compliance?

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi LWS, I spoke with AGUARD authorized dealer where ALL their tint films are compliant with JPJ regulations.

      If you happened to receive summon from the JPJ, you can get the receipt and claim from the AGUARD.

  2. John Ewell says:

    Love seeing a fresh window tinting job done right. Love the post and the blog looks great. I think I’ll keeping reading thank you for all the info.

  3. Simon says:

    I have 2 cars one tinted with Aguard and the other Raytech. Aguard cost me RM2000 and Raytech cost me RM3000. The whole family prefers to be in the car tinted by Aguard. Is cooler inside.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Simon,
      Thanks for dropped by.
      Would you share which branch of Aguard that you installed your tint film?

  4. Kelvin Ang says:

    Hey Ken,
    sorry for late respond.
    I would suggest you look into your budget, ranging from RM850 to RM1908 was a huge gap for tint film.
    I was sponsored by Raytech with their premium tint film, and I do still feel the heat in the car when I driving in noon, but of course the heat was way much reduced compared to my previous low quality tint film.

    I don't have technical comparing between these 2 brands, but somehow I am more confident toward the Agard brand.

    Hope my advise helped you.
    See you again.

  5. Hi all,

    How will you suggest me with 'Agard 7mil, 95% IRR at RM1550' or 'Agard 5.7mil, 88% IRR at RM850'.

    Also other brands 'Winshield 6mil, 97% IRR at RM1696' & 'ASWF 6mil, 92% IRR at RM 1908'. Any opinion at these brands?

    Would love to hear some friendly comments and suggestions, thank in advance.


  6. TintMe says:

    Thank you for a very informative article about car window tinting. Car window tinting is not only good for privacy but also to prevent the damaged sun rays penetrating your skin while you are driving. In china people actually wear gloves when they drive- it seems like excessive but your hands will thank you many years later.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      thanks for the comment.
      In Malaysia, there are some ladies who wear gloves during driving to protect their hands from the sun rays too.

  7. Mohd Shaiful Anwar Bin Yunus says:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    Please quote for tinted Hyundai Starex Grand Royale.

    Thank you.

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hi Saiful,
      I am not running the AGUARD tint shop, I would suggest you go to the shop and discuss about the price for your vehicle 🙂

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