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How to Choose Car Wash Shampoo?

Car wash is essential for the car to looks great, shining and streaking whenever it go.  A clean car able to attract good attention from surrounding people, compared to dirty car. Clean car reflect the owner personality as well. A clean and tidy owner will ensure their car look good all the time.

Waxco Car Wash

Waxco Car Wash and Wax

Washing your car once a week is recommended in order to ensure your car body paint stay protected and keep the car’s exterior detailing in the tip top condition. In today car care market, there are 2 types of common car wash products available:

  1. Car Wash
  2. Car Wash and Wax

Well, is pretty straight forward.

The first Car wash product only formulated to wash and clean away the dirt, contamination and bugs on the car’s body.

The 2nd option, Car Wash and Wax product do have the similar function but with additional conditioning wax protection. This product provides tiny wax protection layer to the body paint after washing. The layer will be coated on the surface of clear coat which acts as another barrier to the contamination reach the clear coat layer. The wax layer helps the car washing easier as the wax layer can be easily washed off together with the contamination.
While there are many brands of product car care in the market, I am using Waxco Car Premium wash and Wax weekly on my car. I am very satisfied with the product.

Proper ways to wash the car:

  • Never wash your car in direct sunlight.
  • Wash car under shade or cooler temperature such as morning or late evening.
  • Rinse and splash the water with high-pressure jet on the car to remove the stubborn dirt, sands, stone and other contamination on the car.
  • Spray the water on the wheel’s fenders too because most of the dirt and stones, as well as sand, stuck that location during wheels are moving.
  • After the car is splashed with water, now user may start to wash the car with car shampoo. Pour the correct amount according to the car shampoo’s instruction into a pile and mix with water.
  • Soak the cloves with the mixed car shampoo with water, start from wiping on the top of the car then to the bottom.
  • If possible, divide the washing by compartment. Then rinse off the car shampoo with clean water, this will prevent the car shampoo from dry out on the car and leaving a spot there.
  • Never wipe with cloves then fell on the floor as the cloves may already stick with fine sand on it which might scratch the car when wiping with the cloves.
  • Once you have done the washing, wipe the car with dry and clean cloves.
  • Drying is essential as improper drying will leave spots on the car.

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