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Car Buying Guides

Buying a new car is definitely something where we need to be very careful and well planned because car would be the 2nd biggest investment after property for most of the average income earner like me. Back to the old time where I’d plan my saving in the very discipline ways until I have the sufficient down payment to be made for my first car, Toyota Vios.

Naza Kia Cerato

Car Buying Guides

Everyone has different demands and expectation to their car. Here I am going to share to you some of my car buying guides:

Purpose of buying car
The very first question, ask yourself why you want to get a car?
Most of the people want to get a car is for transportation especially for those who living in the area where public transportation is not that convenient. While others want to have a car because their lifestyle or jobs required them to travelling around with bulky tools and items. Getting a car is an excellent way to transport yourself and the items together in the convenient ways rather than taking public transport.

Once you have defined your lifestyle required you to have a vehicle, then you can move on to next question.

How much budget do you have to allocate for your vehicle?
This will depends on your financial capability. Financial experts recommend not more than 30% of your monthly salary to pay for your vehicle’s instalment. Set your goal how much down payment you needed to pay then workout your saving plan to save the money. If you are the luckier person which have parents help to kick start for your down payment, then you can skip the saving plan.

Which type of vehicle you need?
So you have defined your lifestyle required you to have a vehicle and you have set the budget for the vehicle. So what type of vehicle that you need? Are you constantly required to travel long distances, or short distances especially on stuck in the congestion city traffic, or you constantly required drive uphill and when through the unpaved roads?

If you are constantly required to go long distance with your vehicle, getting a bigger and sedan car such C-segment vehicles would be better as this giving you a better stability and comfortable ride. While, if your lifestyle is required you to constantly driving around the city with short distance and always stuck in traffic congestion, taking smaller size of vehicle or hybrid vehicle in B-segment would be a better choice. This will help the user to save the petrol cost and easy access to everywhere especially go through the tight spot and narrow parking space. Hybrid vehicle work very well on frequent move and stops driving condition due to regenerative breaking features that convert back the energy lost during break in to energy.

Some people who have more adventurous lifestyle or job which required them to constantly go through the unpaved road, rural area, constantly travel uphill and downhill may choose SUV or any 4-wheels vehicles. Choosing the wrong vehicles to go through such tough road condition may lead the vehicle to breakdown thus give the owner the expensive maintenance cost.

In short, before getting your vehicle, user must define the budget and lifestyles then choose the vehicle according to it. Why don’t you visit for more details?

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