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Car body kit or known as aerodynamically customized components is mainly made up of exterior modifications for the car, typically comprising of front and rear bumpers (fenders), side skirts, and spoilers for the painted portion of the car. With the addition of these modifications, the outlook of the car is enhanced.

A smooth flowing look can be created or if the user prefers, aggressive looking lines can be added to the car, making it appear like a lowered vehicle.

Car Body Kit Purpose

Car Body Kit Explanation

Most of the car owners in Asia as well as  European countries see body kits as a way to improve the appearance of their cars. As a result, body kits have became part of the automotive hobby, and whenever people think about modifying their cars, body kits are always one of the important aspects taken into consideration to enhance the overall appearance of the car.

What is the car body kit for?

The ultimate goal is to make the car more aerodynamic , thus increasing less drag and also to give the car a more unique and attractive look compared to that of a standard model which catches the attention of everybody who sees the car.

Waxed Toyota Vios GT Street Front View

Waxed Toyota Vios GT Street Front View

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