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The festive season is almost around the corner and used car market in India has already spread its wings to an extent. People shopping pre-owned cars can create blunders that can really cost their hard earned money in trouble. Thus it is advisable to avoid such mistake and enjoy your festive season with your family in your pre-owned car.
Here are the biggest mistakes that used cars shopper makes:

1: Skipping the research phase: Whether you are first or repeated buyers, it is important to research about the vehicles that you are willing to upgrade. People don’t have to bother the dealership outlet or friends about the dream purchase. They can simply browse the internet and check the latest used cars in Mumbai with the credible online portals. Research will give a fair idea how to deal with dealers or other parties from where you desire to make a purchase.

2: Shopping at one dealership: When it comes to finding a great deal you must search for more than 3 to 4 dealers. Compare your model, check the history, analyze car loan options, etc. and then select the one that matches your criteria.

3: Avoiding Internet department: Most people aren’t aware that dealership generally has an online network which helps you to negotiate a price, compare an option and finalize the deal remotely. Online portals are the ideal option for the people who hate shopping and wasting their time and energy in outlets.

4: Focusing on Monthly payment: When you are planning financial budget for your used car keep some extra savings in hand that will help you later. Car loan option should be viable for short term period and try to avoid long term loan payment. Dealership might help you to stretch your loan period but you have to be careful about it.

5: Failing to do through test drive: Online test drive option is not available thus people have to go for test drive manually either with your family members or with the trusted mechanic person. It should be an important factor and one should never feel hesitate to go for through test drive. This will help you to judge the efficiency of used cars in Mumbai road while driving and you can even go for uneven roads in cities. Once you are satisfied with the test drive you can check the other parts of the car model.

6: Buying from the third party you don’t trust: People often make the mistake of dealing with third party vendors or salesperson that they don’t trust. People can buy pre-owned car from private parties but only when they trust the person completely. Sometimes they sell their car at reasonable prices without car history or maintenance records. As price value is less people grab such opportunities and forget the rest.

7: Finalizing the deal without car history check: Car history will help you to decide how well the car has been maintained. Who was the car owner and how much the car has moved on road. It has all servicing records, ownership details, model number, pricing, etc. Whether it is new or used car people should go for certified shop that provides one stop solution for all your car’s needs.

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