Rear Windscreen Clean from Water Marks

Remove Water Marks on Auto Glass – Do It Yourself

All vehicles will suffer from water marks on glasses eventually either through improper drying methods or due to rain water left over on the auto glass for a period of time. There is no exception to my Toyota Vios glasses too. I’d never remove my Toyota Vios’s water marks on the windscreen and glasses since I bought the car more than 2 years ago. You can see how obvious the water marks are on my car!

Water Marks On Rear Windscreen

Water Marks On Rear Windscreen on my Vios

It is so irritating to see the watermarks on the glass and it is dangerous too because the watermarks prevents the driver from having clear vision through the glass especially driving in the night time.

Now we going to remove the water marks on the windscreen and glasses. I bought a Waxco WaterMarks Removers from 99’s Auto Accessories Shop which cost me RM15.90.

WAXCO Water Marks Remover

WAXCO WaterMarks Remover

The package come with 2 hand gloves as a protection for the user because the mixture of the remover is acidic and may burn the users’ hands.

WAXCO Water Marks Remover

WAXCO WaterMarks Remover with  2 Free Gloves

Let’s start the work! Put on the hands gloves and we are ready to go.

WAXCO Water Marks Remover with clean clove

WAXCO WaterMarks Remover with clean cloves

Step by step to remove the watermarks on the car’s glasses:

  1. Clean up the windscreen surface and ensure the surface is dry.
  2. Put the water marks remover on the cloth and scrub the cloth on the affected windscreen. Poor the remover on the cloth if the liquid is not sufficient or has dried out. The water marks can be removed easily if you pour more of the WAXCO Watermarks Remover onto the cloth.
  3. Keep on scrubbing the cloth on the windscreen until the water marks are removed.
  4. Ensure the remover does not get on the body paint or plastic parts as it may etch the outer layer away.
  5. Once completed, rinse the glass and car body with plenty of water to ensure the acid is completely removed from your car especially the car body.
  6. Move on to other glass parts with water marks if there is any on the car.
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 or each part.
Rear Windscreen Clean from Water Marks

Rear Windscreen Clean from Water Marks

Great result! The water marks are completely removed from my rear windscreen. I am so satisfied and my windscreen shines like a new car’s now.
Apply the Rain X coating on the car’s windscreen and glasses to have optimum protection.

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