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It is always my dream to start my own startup with partners or even myself. But I wasn’t born in entrepreneur environment and wasn’t surrounded by these people.

Most of the time, I have to learn skills by myself, that mean I have to get myself in bang all the walls that I encountered in order to learn.

Throughout these few years, I keep trying different ways to get my business going better and higher, and intend to leave the corporate world which didn’t really belong to me.

I started by learning how to make the investment in the mutual fund when I first earned my few thousand dollars, then move into stock markets investment, and get into blogging because I am believing the internet is the next HIT business for future, not to mention I love writing and sharing my stories as well.

Then I started selling ads in my blogs, and partnership with many automotive clients. All these experience has changed my perception in life and I have grown up so much since then.

Until today, I am still in employment but I still keep trying to be the successin my entrepreneurship journey.

The Angelhack Hackathon is a global community of over 120,000 developers, designers and entrepreneurs who are committed to bettering the world, their city, themselves. The experience that I gained from this Hackathon definitely opened my eyes and I learned to manage and work together with my partners.

Even though we don’t manage to enter into finalist of this Angelhack Hackathon but someday, we will get into finalist and get to set up our own startup and make the positive impact to the community.

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