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It has being few years since I bought my first car, Toyota Vios GT Street and I had bought many car accessories from various car accessories shops. One of my favorite car accessories shop is Akesori Kereta 99 shop, that located in Bukit Mertajam.

The reason I likes this shop so much is because of the they offer affordable price items that they are selling and they sell a lot of products, ranging from car performance parts to cosmetic car parts.

They are able to sell the parts cheaper than any other accessories shops because they are buying those parts in bulks and they have lower operating cost. Aksesori Kereta 99 only hire those youngsters that are either drop out from school or those who are waiting for the exam results.

The shop itself consist of 3 shop-lots, excluded the another one shop-lot that is providing installation service to the customers who purchased the products from the shop.

I don’t have many photo inside of the shop because they are not allow photography.

Aksesori Kereta 99 in Bukit Mertajam Review

Aksesori Kereta 99 Shop

Aksesori Kereta 99 Shop

Most of the time I would DIY my own car, hence I opted to buy the car accessories from Aksesori Kereta 99 shop. Below is the list of the items that I bought from Aksesori Kereta 99 Shop throughout the years:

  1. Kit Car Washing Detergent
  2. Day Light Running LED (DLR) that cost me only RM35
  3. H8 bulb sockets that cost me RM6.90 per set
  4. Touch Up paint that cost me RM10 per bottle
  5. Carbon Fiber Vinyl wrap that cost me RM20
  6. H11 bulbs that cost me RM28 per pair
  7. Rear Plate Number White LEDs that cost me RM15
  8. A lot of washing cloves
  9.  Door guards that cost me RM10 per set
  10. And many more….


Touch up paint

Touch up paint

The drawback of this shop is they don’t sell those high range, or expensive car accessories  parts. So if you are looking for expensive car products, such as ALPHINE player, this is not the place you.

Inside Aksesori Kereta 99 Shop

Inside Aksesori Kereta 99 Shop

Overall, this Aksesori Kereta 99 is a great place to source for your affordable car accessories parts. I am recommend you guys pay a visit to the shop.

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