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Air Ionizer Device inside the Car Cabin

Have you ever get into your friend car and you saw a cool gadget plugged through the 12V cigarette socket inside the car and you wondering what the heck is that? Then he/she told you it was a air ionizer/air purifier device.

Super Air Ionizer Device/ Air Purifier inside the car

Super Air Ionizer Device/ Air Purifier inside the car

And you still scratching your head and figuring what is that?

If you “Google” about it, the air ionizer or air purifier device is a device  to clean the air through a multiple air filtering system and also discharging negative ion to the air.

Air inside the car is much harmful and polluted comparative to outdoor air. This is because most us would keep the car window closed all the time, then air inside the car cabin would be trapped and recirculate all the time, thus there is no fresh air come in from outside except when we about to get into the car.

Moreover, there is dangerous chemical released from the dashboard plastics from our car interior during our car parked under the hot sun for a long time. The extreme heat under the hot sun in Malaysia shine through our windscreen will caused the dashboard plastics to release harmful chemical to the air inside the car which will lead to cancer.

The air ionizer device or air purifier inside the car helps to filter out the dirty and harmful air, and the negative ions emitted from the air ionizer device bring down the dirty and harmful particles in air drop to the floor. That why, when you have a air ionizer device in your vehicle, your interior would be more dusty comparative to before you installed the air ionizer device.

Dual DC Socket Power 12V inside the Toyota Vios

Dual DC Socket Power 12V inside the Toyota Vios

By having cleaner air inside the car cabin, you and your passengers have safer air to breath. The negative ion emitted from the air ionizer device will will actually make the driver and passengers stay alert and energize too.

Don’t you guys feel sleepy and tired after inside the car  for hours? This device helps you stay refresh longer inside the car. Some luxury cars from Mercedes and BMW have the air ionizer feature built in from the car air vents.

Since these air ionizer devices have so much benefits, don’t you want to invest one for yourself too?

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4 thoughts on “Air Ionizer Device inside the Car Cabin”

  1. Esmonde Yong says:

    Hi Kelvin,

    Thanks for the reply. Actually, would you please tell me where to find a unit as big as yours??

    Because I can’t spot any..

    1. Kelvin Ang says:

      Hello Esmonde,
      my friend bought it for me from Groupon:

      It doesn’t seem to have offer recently, maybe you gotta wait for a while 🙂

  2. Kelvin Ang says:

    Hi Esmonde,
    thanks for drop by. Yes those small ionizer selling is auto accessories and leading stores like ACE, AEON is working but it doesn't emit much ions as the one that I am using 🙂

  3. Esmonde Yong says:

    Those small Ioinizer selling in AEON, Ace Hardware, etc is it useful?

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