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On  7th Dec 17 (Thursday), a lady which I got to know from social app texted me to meet up at her house located at Blk 154 Pasir Ris St 13, Singapore and I decided to go, considering I am used to meeting people through the various social apps like Meetup, Tinder, OKCupid, Kakis, Coffee Meet Bagel and etc.

Based on my experience, all these are kind of meetup are legit since I hardly bump into any doggy meetup before this.

That day, after I finished my job in the evening and I went back home for a bath before I held to the house. Upon arrived at the destination with Uber, the lady requested me to take a photo of the lift as the proof before informing me the correct unit of the HDB to visit.

Block 154

Block 154

I snapped the lift photo without much hesitation. Then she told me to go to unit ##-## for the meetup. And I proceed to the unit.

Upon arrival of the unit, there is a man holding a golf stick and looks angry and behind him, there is an elderly woman inside the house. He shouted to me “what you want over here? Are you one of the loan shark?!!!”

I was confused by his action, and then I tried to clam him down. I told him that I am looking for this lady, and he was furious and told me no such person in the unit. Then I replied ‘OK, and I was thinking probably a scam and I am ready to leave the area”. But the overly react old lady inside the unit has called the policemen.

She told me not to go anywhere, and I told him that I am not going anywhere since I did nothing wrong. So I waited and chat with the guy who holds the golf stick. He told me apparently there are a lot of guys harassing the unit for the past few months.

After 10 minutes, the 4 policemen arrived at the unit. They take my particular and taken all my explanation, but after the policemen made a call to their HQ, they told me that they suspected me involve in the loan shark harassment activity, and I was forced to bring back to Bedok HQ Police Station for further investigation.

This is the first time I was handcuffed in my life, pretty cool experience huh 🙂



I was sent back to the Bedok HQ Police Station and go through countless of full body search to ensure I don’t bring any weapon else I will get additional charges. They sealed every item I have in the locker, including my Iphone SE. That is where I totally lost all the communication with my pals.

In the police station, I was handcuffed all the time until I was sent into the custody for 12 hours. Before that, they need to take my sample blood for examination too. I was furious that they want my blood for what! Afterall, I did nothing. I trying to reject but these police officers threaten to charge me for disrupting the standard process.  At the end, I left no choice but to follow their procedure.

After they collected my blood samples, I was sent into custody and they even took off my OAKLEY glasses. This procedure seems ridiculous to me. I believe they worry the glasses can be posses as a weapon in the custody, that why they do not allow me to wear the glasses in the custody.

In the custody, there is no mattress or bed but just only hard surface floor for us to sleep on it. There are 4 other suspects which share the same custody as well.

At first, I was a bit worried since they might be the heavy offensive criminals. Each of us trying to sleep on the hard surface but is so uncomfortable, hard, cold and with light ON all the night. I barely sleep even 1/2 hour throughout the night.

Not to forget, the toilet is inside the custody is without the door. Anyone who needs to shit there, and he has to be watched by other guys who are in the custody.

That night, there is one of us unable to hold anymore and shit-ed there. The smell and the shiting sound is disgusting, considering we are always shit with our own private toilet, but the toilet in the custody is fully exposed and everyone can see and smell it. That is one of the nightmares in my life! Luckily, due to dehydrated (I don’t drink much water in the custody due to the custody drinking water actually come from the same tap water that flushing the toilet bowl, it tastes damn weird when I drink it),  I was trying to prevent myself from drinking that water, and I don’t have stomach issue in the custody.

Around 6am, I was repeatlly trying to get the officer to contact my superior in work to report that I couldn’t come to work on the day, but these policemen are not allowed me to do so. I  have to request them to allow me to call more than 10 times, and finally them willing to let me call but at 12.30pm…

That time why superior has reported me that I am MIA (missing in action) to the company HR, and they have decided to deactivate all my access to the computer. It was standard protocol but I kind of pissed off.

In the custody, they do serve us bread and tea (they called it breakfast) at 6.30am, rice with tea during 12.30pm. I don’t really want to complain the food, but it is not really nutritious food for the adult person to meet all the nutrition requirements.

The reason they are holding back in the custody is, all of us are waiting for the Investigator Officer (IO) to obtain the statement and judge whether the suspects shall be put in the prison or to be released immediately. The whole process is taking me 15 hours until I was released. In short, we have to sleepover in the custody because they need to wait the IO to get our statements and make the judgement.

Afterall the explanation, finally the IO instructed the policemen to release me, but I need to be bailout by someone. And the person who bails me out must be Singaporean or PR.  The reason is they need us to come back another 2 weeks to ensure I am not running away, just in case they need me to be here for facilitation.

I got my friend to bail me out around 4pm, and he was actually shocked to see me in handcuffed when he was bailing me out from the custody.

All I do was smile, and told him that I had unforgettable experience in my life 🙂

True story.

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