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If you’ve invested a lot of your hard-earned money into a new car, you’ve got to keep it in good condition. When treated well, modern cars will last up to ten years without much trouble. On the other hand, if you treat it poorly, it will spend half its life in the mechanic’s garage. As a car-owner, it’s up to you to take action and care for your car. Many drivers we know are scared to open the bonnet. They don’t even know where the oil tank is! These are bad driving habits, and it’s time to get over them. In this post, we’ll show you everything you need to know. Here’s how you care for your car.


  1. Drive it carefully

Rule number one: drive sensibly! We shouldn’t really have to tell you this, but driving erratically puts a lot of strain on your engine. Revving the engine hard, pushing the top speeds and throwing it around corners takes its toll. The engine has to work much harder when you drive like this, giving it a shorter lifespan. You’ll also damage the wheels and put strain on the mechanical parts of the vehicle. Drive sensibly, and you’ll avoid the most expensive repair bills.

  1. Check the fluids regularly

All your vital fluids are located under the bonnet around the engine. The most important fluid here is the oil. Oil is to your car what blood is to your body. It’s the essential fluid that keeps everything in working order. It lubricates all the mechanical parts, and makes sure everything flows smoothly over each other. When it dries up or loses quality, these parts start rubbing over each other, causing friction. Check the oil level once every two weeks and replace every 3,000 miles. As for the other fluids, make sure there are no leaks.

  1. Check the tyres

The tyres take the biggest beating when it comes to your car. They absorb the bumps and cracks of the road. They wear down through excessive braking, and they pick up scratches and scrapes quickly. There are two main checks to complete here. Firstly, check the tyre pressure. If you’re running on flat tyres, you’ll put a lot of strain on the engine. Imagine cycling on a flat tyre and you’ll understand how hard the engine has to work! Secondly, check the tread depth and make sure it’s deeper than 2mm at all times.

  1. Take it for regular servicing

In addition to your self-maintenance, you should also take the car for an annual checkup and service. Professional mechanics will spot trouble developing early, and make lots of minor adjustments. Most dealers offer a servicing plan when you buy the car. Thames Motor Group, for example, offer MOT, summer checkups, and air conditioning service as standard. Take advantage of any offers at your local dealer, and stay on top of your car’s maintenance.

Follow this advice and you’ll get years of great service from your car. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty, it’s all for the best!

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