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If  you’re like most Americans, you spend a lot of time in your car. From everyday commuting to family road trips, you log a lot of hours behind the wheel. Why not make your driving experience more enjoyable with a few new additions? You may not even know about all the cool car accessories available to make your ride safer and more fun. Check out some top picks for car enthusiasts and everyday drivers. They make great gifts!

LED Message Delivery System

Did you know you can have an LED messaging system that affixes to the rear window of your car? Using a wireless remote control, you can send fellow drivers messages of gratitude, contempt, or even attraction all with the flick of a finger. The device features 16 different messages including “Sorry,” “Help,” “Thank You,” “Back Off,” and the popular “Don’t Be a Dick.” There are also multiple facial expressions you can use to vent frustrations or flirt with person behind you. Odds are, if you want to say it, you can convey it with the LED messaging system by Drivemocion.

Food and Beverage Cooler/Warmer

Whether you need to keep your beverages cold or your left-overs warm, you can do it with Wagan’s 7 Liter Personal Fridge/Warmer. This small-scale, temperature-controlled storage caddy can cool food and beverages between 40 and 45 degrees or warm them up to 140 degrees all with the flip of a switch. The device is small enough to fit between seats and features an armrest and two cup holders for added convenience. Whether you’re a parent who needs to warm a bottle or a tailgater who needs to heat some nachos, this personal cooler/warmer is for you.

Backup Camera

No dashboard display? No problem! Now you can add a backup camera to any vehicle — from a small sedan to a full-sized RV — using your smartphone and a simple Smartphone Camera Interface Module by Camera Source. This unique interface will work with both Android and iOS devices to take photos and videos, and even features a parking grid overlay to see that your car is well within the lines every time. The module features an RCA input making it compatible with most aftermarket cameras. Backup cameras are a great way to make parking easier and keep you safe.

Air Purifier

Fresh air can improve your energy level and boost your immune system. Now you can enjoy a breath of fresh air even while you’re driving down a busy interstate highway thanks to Dinira’s Car Oxygen Bar. Using ionization to stabilize free radicals in the air, this air purifier cleans the air and leaves a fresh scent behind. The small, folding bar fits into any standard car lighter and comes with an additional USB port so that you can charge your phone and clean the air at the same time. The unit also features an attractive blue LED light to let you know it’s working.

Covert License Plate

Red light and speed cameras work quickly to snap a photo of vehicle license plates when they fail to sufficiently yield at intersections. If you run a red light with one of these cameras around, you’ll have a ticket coming your way. But now there’s a way to best these cameras without obscuring the view of your plates with PhotoBlocker spray by PhantomPlates. Just spray your plate with the high-gloss finish to reflect the flash of cameras. There is still some debate about the legality of this product (as well as its effectiveness), so use it at your own risk and always obey traffic laws.

Personal Barista

You can brew a fresh cup of Joe anytime you want thanks to Handpresso’s Auto Espresso Machine, a portable coffee machine that fits in your car’s cup holder.  Just plug the hand-held machine right into the cigarette lighter with a custom-sized coffee pouch and add water. In just 2.5 minutes, you’ll have coffeehouse-quality espresso without ever having to leave your car. Purchase a custom-fit carrying case to keep all of your supplies together including coffee pods, water, power adapters, and Handpresso cups.

Car “Damages”

If you’re looking for a story to tell friends and family during your next gathering, why not make it a good one? You can tell the tale of a dramatic shoot-out when your trusty pick-up truck saved you from a shower of bullets. With a few bullet-hole decals by Vinyl Graphics, your vehicle can play the part. These fake bullet holes look just like the real thing from a distance to add a little character to your car. They also work wonders at covering dings and scratches. Let’s face it, a story involving a bullet is much more interesting than a little fender bender.

Car Alarm Speaker

Your car alarm can do so much more than honk. Using the Talking Car application and car kit, you can turn your car’s alarm into a high-quality speaker that you can use to talk to people, play your favorite music, or just freak someone out with random goat noises. The application features an extensive sound effect library for you to choose from, or record your own clip up to five seconds long. You can also use the speaker Blues Brothers-style with the public announcer function to share a message, promote your business, or invite the masses to your next big gig.

Get Your Car A New Toy

Car accessories are a fun way to add a little pizazz to everyday driving. There are so many creative gadgets to choose from!

What’s your favorite car accessory? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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