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5 ways to tune your car for better mileage

With gas prices skyrocketing, people are looking for ways to lower costs and still travel to the desired destinations. One of the best ways of cutting down on your gas expenses and saving more money every month is by attaining better fuel mileage. With that in mind, there are a number of changes (auto tuning) that you need to make to enable you attain this. They include:

Keep your car in good condition

Although it sounds really easy, many people tend to assume this Make sure that you consult your mechanic frequently for general check up on your car (whether or not it has developed mechanical issues), and go through your manual to ensure that you are conversant with all the ordinary maintenance of your vehicle. Simple things such as replacing an air filter may save you up to 32 cents a gallon on average. Acquiring a tune up may save you an average of 13 cents a gallon, while always ensuring that your car tires remain inflated at proper levels may save you an additional 10 cents a gallon. In addition, maintaining your car in good condition comes with an added advantage of increasing the engine’s lifespan.

Be a better driver

Try to avoid as many quick stops and starts as possible. In other words, avoiding road rage will improve your gas mileage, while on the other hand, taking off at full speed or slamming on the brakes will increase your fuel expenses. Neither will driving like a grandma be of help. Most of the fuel is spent bringing the car to a cruising speed, thus the longer you maintain the car at a steady speed, the less fuel you use and the more money you save. In fact, according to EPA by eliminating quick starts, hard braking, and excessive speeding, you get to save up to an average of 92 cents/ gallon.

Shape up and/or lighten up your car

Every car in the world, be it a standard gasoline-powered car, water fuelled car, or hybrid car, has to overcome two major forces to move. The two forces are gravity and wind resistance. Consider eliminating attachments such as car-top carriers and bike racks to make the car more aerodynamic. A mid-sized sedan with a car-top carrier can knock up to one gallon for every 6 miles it covers on full-efficiency. It is even easier by reducing the amount of weight. Do everything in your powers, including emptying the trunk or unloading the car once you reach the destination, because according to a research study you get to increase your car fuel efficiency by 2% for every a hundred pounds you drop.

Change your oil

First of all, it is important that you purchase an oil container capable of handling your car capacity. With time, the car oil ages until it becomes as thick as syrup and subsequently much harder for it to properly carry out its job. Therefore, it is recommended that you conduct oil change every now and then in order to attain better mileage. In fact, the recommended period for conducting an oil change is every 3 months or every 3,000 miles. Even if you do not drive your car very often, it is still important that you change it, though not as frequently as you should if it is always on the road. This is because over time, conventional oil breakdown. To avoid very frequent oil change, consider using synthetic oil as it does not break down easily, because it contains a more resilient composition.

Convert your car to operate on water

It might sound crazy, but many people are already doing it. They take advantage of the hydrogen gas in H2O (water) by converting their vehicles to operate partially on water. A good number of people can set up these kits by themselves, but for those who cannot, you should be ready to part with at least $150 to get it set up. This technology, as crazy as it sounds can help you save up to sixty percent on fuel, which is more than a combination of all the tips mentioned above.

Conclusion In order to be able to carry out all the above, more so avoiding road rage or learning how to drive smoothly as a way to help you get better mileage, it is vital that you pass the driving theory test.

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