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 Most of car owners spend a lot of time driving to work, home, driving kids to soccer practice, hauling groceries and many other places. Everyone likes to drive luxuriously in a beautiful vehicle with their family. The temptation to purchase a shiny and new car is a familiar feeling to everyone however keeping an older car would be , however, ctive. Making the appropriate upgrades of the older car is helpful for keeping it longer.You are making the most frugal choice when you know the tricks to make your car look dapper. Driving in a neat and amazing vehicle would be a great way to enhance a cool look so you can follow the below steps for making your car look more Dapper. Most of us would have grown tired of driving in the same car for long as they’re used-up. Money is tight for everyone so why to sell your car that is running well but worn down? Here are the easy ways to make your older car into a new feel to improve your driving experience.

Clean And Organize The Car:

After driving your car, it is necessary to empty it of trash and make it as a habit. In fact, serious and deep cleaning would be a great way to have a betterinterior detailing once a year. Dusting once in a month is necessary tokeep your dashboard look spiffy. No need to invest in the most expensive organization tools so you could keep the glove compartment well organized with a Ziplock bags. It contains all the car manuals in a single bag with maintenance paperwork, car repair, tools, iPod cords, phone chargers and many others. Putting your car through the good car wash helps the car to get a beautiful and shiny look.

Replace Floor Mats:

Floor mats will be ruined frequently in a car and it is important to get appropriate cleaning at regular intervals or once in a month.  Take them out of your car then store them for later to enjoy the clean drive. Use the weather-appropriate rubber floor mats in your car and keep your carpet looking good thus preventing growth of the mold caused by the wet boots.Replace Floor Mats when they are more rugged so you can get a clean and beautiful look.

Phone Holder In Car:

Phone Holder In Car

Phone Holder In Car

Entertainment while driving for long distance is most important and there are many number of features available to be installed. Car phone holder would fit all phones less than the 4-inches wide. In fact, it would be a great option for watching your watching movies, videos or reading without any hassle. Minimal assembly is required while installing and the strong clamp holds to the most surfaces securely. Rotate the phone holder flexible anytime without any hassle for watching the movies.Flexible phone holder is helpful to makes videos, FaceTime, as well as reading much easier and it is convenient to adjust to the proper angle.Flexible phone holder is highly suitable for navigation guide while driving in an unknown area. In fact, it is convenient to hold up your phone, camera, GPS or device to watch videos or other navigation features. Adjusts anywhere and it is convenient to use the phone/device safe to record hands-free in most amazing way.

New Windshield Wipers:

New Windshield Wipers

New Windshield Wipers

Windshield Wipers are most important when you like to set out through thereal weather. Cleaning the blades are most important using the microfiber cloth and also replace the blades every couple of months. Use the windshield treatment such as Rain-X would be helpful for keeping the wipers in a very good condition. Having a weak windshield wiper would be difficult to clean and have a clear vision of the road. Get entirely a new set of wipers along with the motor for enabling the complete new look.

Clean Windows Inside And Out:       

Clean complete insides and outsides of the windows for improving both the visibility as well as appearance of your car in quite an amazing way. Use a quality cleaner to remove the stains, stickers and other goop with your favorite window cleaner as well as microfiber cloth. Most of the car owners swear by newspaper and soapy water barely as a windshield cleaner but it is necessary to have the quality cleaner to enhance a new look. Regular cleaning of Windows and doors of the car is most important for ensuring that they are neat and improves the look of your car.

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