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Not much compares to the excitement and thrill of taking your Jeep or truck exploring off the beaten path. If you are not an avid adventurer, though, you may be reluctant to equip your rig with mud terrain tires. Offering on-road civility and off-road capability, Super Swamper mud tires offer the perfect solution.

1. All-Terrain Tread design

Honed to perfection over years of testing and development, the tread design on super swampers mud tires offers unmatched traction. Whether off-roading on sandy, muddy or other loose surfaces, the grip of Super Swampers tires’ tread keeps your vehicle from slipping, providing you the strong handling you need.

2. Self-Cleaning Lugs

Improving on their original mold-breaking lug system, the draft angles in the tread on Super Swamper tires help keep the grooves free of mud, stones and other debris that might affect the tire’s traction. Without affecting performance on the road, these lugs allow Super Swamper tires to bite quickly and pull through even the muddiest of terrain.

3. Roll Radius Handles the Obstacles

When traveling on the road or taking a dirt path, you may encounter a range of obstacles. Built with a wider tread area, the rolling radius of Super Swamper tires powers through mud, over rocks and across other surfaces, without sacrificing directional or lateral stability.

4. Built for Durability

Much like 1997 Jeep Wrangler carpet, Super Swamper tires are built for durability. Tested under the toughest of conditions, these tires boast a meshwork of strengthening cord plies placed throughout their inner layers that help prevent punctures.

5. Low Rolling Resistance

Compared to other trail running tires, Super Swampers have a lower rolling resistance, making them less taxing on your rig’s fuel economy. Running almost as quiet as everyday tires, the tread piles on these tires cushion the shakes and bumps of the road.

Whether you’re an off-roading professional or an occasional weekend warrior, having the right tires is key to finding your adventure. carries a wide selection of Super Swampers mud tires and other truck parts. Get advice from their experts or browse their online catalog to find exactly what your Jeep or truck needs.

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