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Making a purchase decision regarding vehicles for commercial use can be a very tricky one. This is because commercial vehicles are an investment and therefore their purchase needs to have a feasibility in terms of returns or else they become more of a liability. Purchasing any asset, including a commercial vehicle has its costs and these costs may shoot up in future if you have financed it using loan capital. This means that the asset must give out adequate returns to justify that sort of an investment.  Other than the cost factor there are a number of other factors that influence the purchase decision of a commercial vehicle.

The commercial vehicle market has become very competitive over the years and there are a number of options available in the market to choose from. This makes it very confusing for the buyers to make a choice that is best for their business needs.  While the commercial vehicle markets around the world have been mostly dominated by the American and Japanese automobile manufacturers, however, in the recent history the French Citroen has emerged as the go-to commercial vehicle brand for most businesses.

The original claim to fame for Citroen in the initial years was of a top-notch motorsports brand. However, in the past decade or so, the European automobile giant has introduced vans which have managed to make a decent entry in the commercial vehicle market. From small business to larger corporate houses Citroen vans have managed to remain one of the favourite commercial vehicle choices for most B2B customers. Here are a few reasons to buy a Citroen van for your business.


When you are considering to buy a vehicle for commercial use. The flexibility is one of the major criteria. Different businesses have different needs. You might not want to go with an option that offers too much trunk space and less seating space or one that offers too little storage space.  Unlike many commercial vehicles that force you to stick to a fixed option that you have purchased, Citroen offers you a lot of room for flexibility.

The variety of specs that it offers gives you the advantage to play around with multiple options. It offers two different lengths and 3 different trim specs to choose from. It can be purchased either as a crew van or as a panel van and has a number of bulkheads to choose from as per your own needs and preferences. Moreover, the modern Extenso seats allow you to readjust your cabin size in any way you want.


One of the biggest nightmares of any business unit especially small-scale businesses and startups is the freight costs blowing out of proportion. Imagine you have managed to grab an exciting large order but you end up doubling your logistics cost because you failed to find an efficient way to transport the goods. Either you vehicle was too small for the goods or was not very friendly for loading, or both and you ended up hiring third-party logistical services. These kind of situations are fairly common for businesses who tend to use smaller vans for business vehicles.

The good news is that the flexibility of size that Citroen vans offer turn out to be an amazing solution in such circumstances. Despite being a small sized van, Citroen van offers different length, trim and bulkhead options that allow greater storage in terms of both length and weight. Moreover, it offers side doors and rear doors opening at 180 degrees which makes it very a very loading friendly vehicle.

Fuel Economy

When it comes to purchasing vehicles for commercial use, mileage and fuel economy are one of the key deciding factors in most cases. Fuel costs are something that can make or break your cost-effectiveness. A single lapse in fuel economy is enough to ruin your returns to scale and trigger your costs to go off limits. This makes Citroen vans one of the most cost-efficient commercial vehicles when it comes to fuel economy.

Citroen vans come with a diesel engine and gasoline options and the fuel economy is quite impressive for both the variants. All Citroen vans that run on diesel engine have been known to give out a fuel economy of over 60 mpg, with some going up to 68 mpg. Likewise, the Citroen vans that run on gasoline have a mileage of about 43.5 mpg. To top it off, the vehicle’s diesel engine’s emissions are not more than 120g/km, which makes one of the most reliable options in terms of fuel efficiency.

Safety and Reliability

Even when you have taken all the key measures into account, one of your biggest fear must be your vehicle ending up in an accident. Road accidents are quite common and they can not only damage the vehicle and the goods, but they can also put the driver’s life at risk, bringing in more trouble for the business itself. This is why safety and reliability of the vehicle is one of the key factors that influence buying decisions. Citroen has always paid special attention to safety features. The vehicles come with advanced safety options such as Electronic Stability Control and Antilock Braking System that provide impressive safety standards under accidental situations. The airbags offer an additional layer of safety for the car and the occupants.

The Citroen Van Sales let you buy Citroen vans in cheap and most reliable prices with every described feature. Take a decision and polish your lifestyle at your will.

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