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Fancy a smart car? You don’t have to buy a new one to satisfy your desire. With a few modifications, you can transform your current boring vehicle into a smart ride. Auto parts dealer offers over 1 million auto parts at reasonable prices that can help you customize your car in any way that fits best. Apart from the car parts, we have 4 gadgets for you that will definitely give you the feel of a luxury vehicle. Read on to find out about them:

  1. Vinli

Vinli makes the best use of the OBDII socket (generally located under the dash of all the cars manufactured after mid 1990s). By simply plugging it in, its Bluetooth feature pairs with your smart phone and turns it into a Wifi hotspot, which opens connectivity to virtually every car on the road. Apart from providing reliable in-car WiFi, Vinli offers a series of apps for performance, productivity and entertainment. In just $199, the device turns your 4G LTE network to a WiFi hotspot (minimum charges deducted for the data). The smart apps offered by this gadget are SmartThings, Dash, MileIQ, Parkhub, SafeDrive and more.

  1. Navdy

Navdy, the smart head-up display can upgrade the look of any car. The gadget provides navigation features, text messages/phone call reception using hand gestures, Bluetooth pairing with your smart phone, voice assistance, rerouting guidance in case you miss a turn, fuel status monitoring, cheap fuel station hunt, and display brightness and playlist controls. With a transparent display focused at a distance, the visuals are projected on the road, so you never get distracted. Unlike your phone mounted on the dashboard, it doesn’t take up the road’s partial view. You also don’t have to look down often to attend calls or scroll messages on your smart phone. All the features of a smart car wrapped up into one gadget justify the $750 price on Amazon. Navdy’s official portal gives a limited time offer of $499.

  1. G1W-CB Dash Cam

Your smart car is incomplete without safety gadgets. A dash cam adds to the luxurious look of your vehicle while acting as a safety device in case of an accident. Dashboard Camera Reviews declares G1W-CB as one of the best dash cams of 2017. Though the price is less than $60, but it’s still good to record 1080 resolution videos. The G1W-CB dash cam not only acts as a security camera, it can also be used to catch reckless drivers in the act to get the blame off you, film your road trip troubles like a pro, capture unusual on-road clips for viral internet fame, but above all gives a chic appearance to your car. It isn’t compact as other dash cams, but fits nicely behind the rear view mirror.

  1. Helios Bars

Let’s not forget the bike lovers. Helios Bars is a motorcycle gadget that features Bluetooth technology, powerful headlight, GPS tracker and rear LED lights to provide safety and convenience. Bluetooth smart feature pairs the gadget with your smartphone using which you can unlock other features like Ambient Lighting, Turn-By-Turn Navigation and so on. The anti-theft feature, GPS Tracker helps tracking the location of your bike. The headlight is made from powerful CREE LED lights for a widespread illumination as that of a car’s headlight. All this available at a limited-time price of $279.

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