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Wouldn’t you like for your plate number to spell MAGIC? Or maybe you’re more of a James Bond fan and you’re looking for one that says SPY.

Regardless of preferences, the personalised plates trend is quite popular in the UK, and we only have the DVLA to thank for such freedom. Of course, the benefit is reciprocal as the DVLA got to cash in huge amounts with numbers that sold for hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The impressive thing is that personalised plates are not just for the rich and famous. Well, some are, of course, but there’s plenty left for the regular folks. So what drives people into paying more for a personalised plate number?

Besides the reasons most celebrities state, these plates also have useful employment in the everyday life of the regular person. We did a bit of digging and found the best three.

Growing Monetary Value

People like buying personalised plates – that’s a fact. Of course, where there’s demand, there will also be intermediaries, people trying to get the prices up, and more. With the development of the personalised plates trend in the UK, a new market niche was created.

So, nowadays you can consider your plate a product that will only grow its monetary value in time. Of course, not all combinations are equal in value, but given the fact that this is a product that doesn’t spoil, you have the luxury of time.

The cool thing is that you don’t even have to worry about finding a buyer. You can always use intermediaries such as, who will do all the work for you. The boom of the personalised numbers created a nice place in the market for online platforms that deal with plates and their owners, making the process smoother and faster.

Helps You Stand Out from the Crowd

Who doesn’t like to feel unique and appreciated? Let’s face it; we all want to be seen as special and witty, and a personalised plate can do just that.

People like to take pictures with cars with funny plates, and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go. Of course, you’ll need an interesting combination, and it’s best if you have a personal connection with the combination.

Some of the most sought-after combinations spell the name of the owner (G0I2 DON or JAM35) or the model of the car (as is the case of the famous “25 O” installed on a Ferrari 250SWB). But there are other ways to stand out.

If you want to promote your personal brand or your business, you can always use personalised plates for advertisement. It may even be cheaper than standard advertisement, and it’s definitely original.

Regardless of your intention, such a special plate will definitely help you stand out from the hoi polloi of car owners out there.

Serves As a Status Symbol

The wonderful thing about personalised plates is that they are affordable and easy to recognize in the crowd. So, instead of buying an entirely new car, you can simply just get yourself a new set of plates that show the world you are well-situated.

It’s not necessarily about being a snob; it’s more about the desire to show the world you managed to climb your way up in society; it’s a status symbol. In the old days you would’ve needed to get a big house, jewellery, and expensive products and materials, but nowadays things are simpler.

So, if you’re looking for a way to take the world by surprise and declare your successes, a witty, interesting plate may be the perfect way.

When you put together all the reasons why a personalised plate is useful, the idea is extremely tempting. After all, you get a product that doesn’t lose monetary value in time, it doesn’t spoil, and it doesn’t occupy too much of your space and time. Even more, you can display it proudly on your car and increase the overall perceived value of your brand in the world.

In my opinion, buying a special plate is a winning strategy in the long and the short-term and I can see why so many people are interested in such an acquisition! What do you think? Are you tempted? If so, find the best online platform to help you today!

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